Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don'e Give up

Hey guys,

don;t give up in anything !!!
believe u can do anything!!!
nthing is impossible... but everything in possible in christ!!!
so guys keep on what u doin....don't give up easily....^^
continue moving on ^^
dance....just work hard on it don;t give up..^^
that is all...
cya guys...
dance hard!!!

God Bless ^^

Friday, May 28, 2010


hey guys...
interested in breakdance??
want to learn..
come and find me at school...
and see if u want to learn from me or from my friends ^^
have to be very serious in dance...and have the passion for it...^^

Monday, May 10, 2010


hey guys..
i am really really really(x10000)sry....
cause no time to update blog..
buzy with studies and stuffs...
i just want to tell u guys today about my passion to breakdance..

actually breakdance(for me) it is a fun sport...but i dunno why alot of ppl feel dangerous about it..T.T
actually it is all about how serious u want to learn..
most important about dance is that u must use your HEART, SOUL and MIND!! that is the key....
i have been dancing onli for almost a year..
and i am nt very good..
but i will try my best to work hard..
and balance my studies and dance and GOD!!!
so breakdancers out there...
dance if u r intersted..
and remember use your heart mind and soul..
that will be all for my blog today..
thx for seeing..
i will try update more as soon as possible^^
god bless ^^

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Blog Place

Hey guys dis is my new blog...
i have decided to make dis blog cause de old 1 is really old and haven upadted for a freakin long time..
and dis blog is all about my danceing life and maybe will put in a little about my life...
so hope u can enjoy dis blog..
thx .....
B-boy is my life...!!!!